About us

Mansoor Refrigeration Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of different types of industrial refrigerators and freezer for markets, restaurants, coffee shops, confectioneries, and more. Mansoor industries, with outstanding experience of more than 40 years offer an extensive selection of products for Industrial Refrigeration with the help of experts and technical staff and by using best-quality raw material. The company has staff of qualified specialists and all necessary services in its structure: design-engineering department, bureau of “science and heating equipment”, test laboratory, design bureau, service and quality department etc. This allows us to create modern and reliable equipment. The range of activities includes the production of refrigerator and freezers as well as installation, maintenance and after-sales services.

Inspired by modern technology and European design, this company, introduces its products in various types: stand-up fridges, showcase fridges, open fridges, standing freezers, outdoor freezers, portable island freezers, Multi-deck vertical refrigerators, Counter Top Display Fridges, non-frost site freezers and refrigerators, mobile and stationary cold storage room and other shopping equipment. The company is trying to offer customers the most elegant and subtle products by observing all internationally accepted authorized standards and it always tries to keep and promote the quality of its products.

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